“dear friend”
“صديقي العزيز”
“صديقتي العزيزة”
“beste vriend”
“cher(e) ami(e)”
“caro(a) amico(a)”
“querido(a) amigo(a)”
“Дорогой друг” (masc.) /”Дорогая подруга” (fem.)



This is Aymen in Tunis, Tunisia. Aymen is a 14 year-old child who picked up a cluster bomb outside of his house in Misrata. Upon picking it up, it exploded, ripping off both his hands, tearing off the flesh of his legs, and sending shrapnel into his eye.

He was so happy when he received his postcard from Australia, he asked his cousin to put the card around his neck so he could show everyone.


Aymen when he first arrived in Tunis, Tunisia.

Aymen and a member of the  ”Children of Libya Aid Foundation” who is trying to bring Aymen to the United States for surgery.

Aymen and James Wheeler @wheelertweets in July, 2011.




This is Najib, from Misrata. He was one of the first to receive a get well card.
Najib was hit by a tank shell in June, 2011. His arm and forearm were smashed and a shrapnel hit his chest and crushed part of his lung.

Picture taken by @OmarAlmoktar on August 10th.

Najib and his brother Ibrahim.

Picture taken by @wheelertweets on August 12th.

Najib when he first arrived in Tunis.



This is 19 year old Mohamed, from Misurata.

The explosion of a mortar shell near him led to the fracture and distortion of his legs and feet…

… and the loss of vision in one eye.

After the last surgery he slowly began to walk his first steps.

This is Moe, back home, playing his guitar, before the war.